Steaming Steamboat Hot Springs

Dive in. Relax. Soak.

Did you know that Steamboat Springs got its name because of the natural hot springs located in the area? Early settlers heard a “chugging” sound that reminded them of a steamboat, but it turned out that it was the sound of a hot spring pumping water from below the earth’s surface. Since the founding and development of Steamboat, natural hot springs have grown into a favorite activity among locals and tourists alike for their healing and relaxing properties. There are a few hot springs in the area that have become widely popular and we’ve broken it down so that you can make the best choice about which hot spring to visit for your family. 

Steamboat Springs Winter Hot Springs Getaways
Strawberry Hot Springs, Steamboat Colorado

Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs has developed into a recreation center where there is something for every member of the family. Their year-round natural pools are the main event at this multi-purpose recreation center. The pools range from a 103 degree pool, to a kid friendly pool, to a pool with two 230-foot water slides. If soaking in the hot springs isn’t enough, you can also venture into the recreation center that is complete with a 37-foot climbing wall, group fitness classes, to a massage center that offers everything from Swedish massage to shiatsu massage. This is the perfect hot spring option for a family that has a large multi-generational group or small children that would enjoy the use of water slides and a shallow area. Old Town Hot Springs also allows you to bring a cooler containing outside food & drinks (alcohol and glass are prohibited), so you can pack a picnic for the family as well!

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs might be the most famous developed hot springs in all of Colorado for its natural beauty and cascading pools. These hot springs are nestled in the woods and accessible via car, shuttle, or by hiking in on the 3-mile Hot Springs Trail. At Strawberry Hot Springs you may find yourself soaking in the pools, enjoying a picnic, relaxing with a massage, or even staying overnight in one of their unique cabins! Strawberry Hot Springs’ pools typically hover around 104 degrees, making this a perfect destination to warm up and relax in the evening or on a snow day. Strawberry Hot Springs is unique in that they are open until 10:30 at night and encourage soaking and stargazing. Please note that the park shifts to adults-only at sundown at which point anyone under the age of 18 will be asked to leave (youths are allowed during all daylight hours, though!). Strawberry Hot Springs is a must-have experience when visiting Steamboat Springs. If you choose to visit try to take a shuttle because parking is limited (Sweet Pea Tours or The Hot Springs Shuttle can provide shuttle service to the hot spring) and be sure to bring cash or a check to pay your entrance fees as Strawberry Hot Springs does not accept credit cards. 


We hope you enjoy your soak in the Steamboat Springs hot springs! This is one of our favorite ways to end a powder day and rest our tired legs and part of the reason why we love Steamboat Springs. So sit back, relax, enjoy your soak and each other’s company.