Our Favorite Aprés in Steamboat

Aprés in Steamboat

One of the best parts of a day on the slopes is gathering together with your family and friends at the end of the day to unbuckle your ski boots, sit back, relax, and enjoy a few well-deserved drinks and appetizers. Apres Ski is a longstanding tradition at ski resorts across the globe, and Steamboat Resort happily provides the opportunity to partake with their top-notch selection of bars and restaurants located at the base of the slopes. 


Before you head down to the base area to enjoy the company of your loved ones after a day on the slopes, we’ve got a few local tips. The first piece of advice we can offer is to get there early if it’s a bluebird day and you want patio seating. Outdoor seating fills up quickly, especially if there is nice weather and live music! The second piece of advice is to watch the amount of alcohol you consume if you are still adjusting to the altitude. Alcohol affects us more quickly at altitude and if you are coming from sea level you will likely need to imbibe at a slower pace. The third piece of advice we have is to enjoy your Aprés! It’s not every day that you get to sit at the base of a world-class mountain with your friends and family to relax and share stories of skiing and riding. 

Steamboat Springs Aprés Guide

Cheap Food & Drinks

If you want to enjoy cheap beer and sunshine at the end of the day, TBar is the place to be. You’ll find TBar located on the side of the slopes as you are coming down Right-O-Way towards the main base area. As you approach, it’s likely you’ll hear some tunes bumping out of the dive bar. Here you’ll find skiers and riders gathering at the end of the day for cheap food and drinks that aim to please. Make sure you check out their food menu with tasty options like Chicken Enchiladas, Chorizo Mac & Cheese, or Elk Shepherd’s Pie.

Family-Friendly Hot Spot

Slopeside Grill is located just above the Steamboat base area and is conveniently ski in/ski out. It is the perfect place for happy hour on their large patio area or to get the kids some much-needed food in their bellies. They have a large drink menu complete with handcrafted cocktails, craft beer on draft, and hot drinks to help warm up on those especially cold days. Their food menu is large and ranges from chicken tenders & fries all the way to a NY strip steak. This way, the whole family will find something to eat after a big day on the slopes.

Upscale Apres

If you are looking for more than just an average happy hour complete with experimental cocktails and compelling dishes, Truffle Pig is your place. The restaurant is located in the main base area and is connected to One Steamboat Place. Here you may find yourself indulging in handcrafted libations with creative names like the “Sake Tu Me” or the “Dry Rye Lavender Flip” all complete with top-shelf liquors and premium ingredients. If you decide to take a peek at their dinner or lunch menu, prepare to be impressed by items such as Bacon Wrapped Dates or a Kobe Beef Bolognese. And if you are visiting with your family, they happily offer a “Piglets” menu for kids.

Gather 'round!

After a long day on the slopes, when your limbs are sore and face is windswept, there’s nothing like a drink and a snack and a chill vibe to share your stores and adventures with your buddies around the fire or a steamy plate of nachos! 

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